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Chicken Pickle in USA

chicken pickle non veg pickles

Pickle, achar or pachadi is one of the most famous dishes in India. It is eaten all over the country with several accompaniments. Also, to be honest, the complexity of Indian cuisine demands a dish that is spicy, tangy, salty and juicy at the same time. It is something a chicken pickle most fervently fulfils. It also fulfils the prophecy of being a go-to dish for busy office-goers, kids and many others.

Like every other Indian dish, the chicken pickle is also a delicately blended mixture of meat, spices and other ingredients. It includes a recipe that is inspired by cultures, traditions and people alike. Each region across the country is blessed with its own recipe for chicken pickle. The recipe includes a careful assortment of ingredients which are most usually sourced locally. Then, unique blends of diverse spices are dry roasted and blended to form a coarse powder. The chicken is then cooked with these spices and left to cure in oil, vinegar or other natural preservatives. This results in a juicy galore of richness that complements all your dishes flawlessly.

The fact that chicken is a versatile ingredient, adds to the popularity of chicken pickle. Chicken can be cooked in a variety of ways. All the dishes that include chicken always end up being delicious. One of the ways chicken compliments a pickle is due to its texture. Due to its texture, chicken absorbs a lot of flavours. It is widely known for its amazing marinating capabilities. When added to spices, the chicken absorbs the different flavours the spices have to offer. It complements them well with a delicate undertone of meaty chicken flavour. This makes chicken one of the strongest contenders amongst pickle palettes across the country.

One of the reasons pickles are famous in India is based upon the availability of ingredients. Manuscripts prove that early Indians made pickles with those ingredients that were difficult to procure over a long period of time. For example, mangoes are only available in the summer. Hence, pickling mangoes in Indian spices store them for a longer period enabling us to enjoy mangoes all throughout the year.

In hindsight, there can’t be an any better reason to appreciate chicken pickles the same way. It is also difficult to procure chicken every single day and cook it to our taste. It involves purchasing, cleaning and then cooking. Chicken also spoils really quickly when stored in the refrigerator.

According to us, chicken pickle is as perfect as it can get. With a chicken pickle, you can enjoy the flavour of chicken every single day without having to go through the hassle of buying, washing and cooking chicken every single day. The taste of chicken pickle is also reminiscent of the flavours of India and childhood.

We at Raju Pickles provide you authentic flavours of India in the form of non-veg pickles. We bring you chicken pickles in several varieties including country chicken pickles straight from Bhimavaram. We follow an age-old recipe to keep our pickles true to taste.

If your taste buds are prepared, visit to place an order for your favourite non-veg pickle.

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