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Prawn Pickle in USA

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Seafoods are some of the most underrated meats in the world of meats itself. Some of the reasons they are subjected to disinterest is the smell and an almost bland taste. Except for die-hard seafood lovers, we are growing towards a lifestyle that usually ignores seafood for several reasons.

We think different. When cooked right, seafood like prawns can be a great addition to our diets. And considering the health benefits associated with prawns, they are a must-have power food that can make a place in our diet on a regular basis.

People, usually children are always on the fret about healthy fish, prawns or other seafood. Agreed, the smell of seafood can be a huge turn-off to a lot of people, especially to those with weaker guts. The weird and gooey texture of prawns may also be a huge factor in the hatred against them. However, in the modern world, nothing is impossible. We assure you that when cooked right, prawns can be smell free and taste like every other meat in the world.

Ironically, the solution lies in the age-old recipe of pickling. Prawns when pickled in dense flavours like garlic, ginger, chilly, coriander, etc. naturally lose the pungent smell of the sea. Natural ingredients like ginger, garlic and other spices contain chemicals and volatile oils that aid in preserving meats. It almost works wonders in the curating of prawns that the pungent smell that repels people tends to be almost vanished.

Prawns are also known for being natural super-foods. They are full of antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and other vitamins. They are great for counteracting aging, fighting cancer and keeping cardiovascular diseases in check. Also, seafood is best eaten fresh. Hitting the markets every single day in a quest to find high quality prawns can be a daunting task. A prawn pickle eases these things for you. It not only keeps the prawns fresh, free of smell but easy to eat, every single day.

With the prawn pickles from Raju Pickles, you have the authentic pickle taste from Bhimavaram and also the health benefits of prawns every single day at your convenience. The recipe of Prawn pickles is just as simple. Prawns being a delicate meat, appreciate the flavours of Indian spices inherently well. They require minimal marination and minimal cooking periods. The taste of pickle which is naturally tangy and spicy is also something that complements prawns like no other pickle. For people living off coastal areas and inland counties, the prawn pickle remains a favourite alike.

At Raju Pickles, you can order your favourite prawn pickles and keep your health closer with you. To receive prawn pickles at your doorstep, visit to place an order.

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