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Mutton Pickle in USA

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Red meats are some of the most delicious meats in the world. Like most other meats, red meats are also versatile and can be cooked in multiple varieties. They are a blessing to Indian cuisine and are popular all across the country as disparate dishes of their own. Be it the Hyderabadi Haleem made with tender lamb and goat, the ever-popular Mutton Rogan Josh from the valley of Kashmir or the Pork Vindaloo from Goa. We hold special places in our hearts for all these dishes. They are some of the best and most popular red meat dishes across the country.

In the recent times, the popularity of Mutton Pickle has been on the rise. It is on its way towards christening itself amongst the legendary dishes of India. One of the reasons of its popularity is the characterization of mutton. It is generally a fattier meat compared to lean meats like chicken or fish. Remember, when it comes to delicacies, fat equals flavour. The fat is also responsible for the juicy consistency of mutton. Some people give the credit to globalization, busy world and the urge to eat red meat every day. The others are usually the lazy office goers who are too tired to cook mutton every day. To an extent, all of that is true. But what matters is that a pickle made with mutton is tender, flavorsome and succulent to another level.

Mutton is usually considered to be a tough meat that is difficult to cook. More often than not, it is a challenge to the most experienced of chefs to keep mutton from going hard and chewy in a dish. It is also expensive compared to other meats in the market. These are the reasons that keep the commoners from relishing the amazing flavor’s mutton has to offer.

The tried and tested secrets behind cooking mutton lies in its marination and cooking methods. These are techniques that the talented cooks at Raju Pickles have mastered over the years. We relish the taste of mutton deeply and it is a part of our daily lives. We use special methods of cooking to retain the moisture and tenderness of mutton.

Our recipe includes marinating mutton with a special blend of spices that is hand-ground, vegetable oil and other secret ingredients that aid in tenderizing mutton. Then, we cook it slowly for several hours to ensure that flavour is packed into the meat. Slow and long cooking also ensures that the meat is as tender as it can get. We also add salt at a specific time in the process that the mutton can also absorb the flavour but not lose its tenderness.

The melt-in-mouth texture of our mutton pickles is a result of generations of handed-down recipes and immense experience in cooking.  With the mutton pickles from Raju Pickles, we bring to you the taste of Bhimavaram right at your doorstep. You do not have to worry about ending up with tough mutton as a jar of mutton pickle will last you a long time. The special blend of spices ensures that you can have your mutton pickle with roti’s, dosas, rice, instant rava dosa and much more.

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